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Who am I?

A. Douglas Jones

I'm a teacher, writer, traveler, and lover of books who writes primarily young adult and adult fantasy and science fiction. While I do love a good short story, nothing for me beats a long series with characters I can fall in love with again and again. Explore this website to read some of the stories I've written.

Notebook and Pen
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The Plagueline

August 15, 2020

When Anthony Brink was very young, his father left him to go fight a war. The Church agreed to take him in until his father returned - but he never did, and when Brink came of age, the Church sold him into indentured servitude as a miner to pay off his father’s debts.

THE PLAGUELINE takes place in a dark fantasy setting inspired by Slavic mythology fifteen years after a war that left the land a scattered, isolated collection of cities walled off to keep the terrors that roam the wilds out. Brink is a scavenger, having escaped from the mines, and makes his living off the things people left behind when the city of Strateny was destroyed in the war.

When a coven of cyclopean, bird-like monsters from beyond the Plagueline show up at his door and try to steal an ornamental bronze egg he had scavenged, Brink goes on a quest to find out just what’s so special about that egg - and instead finds out there’s something very special about him.

Available in its entirety on this site.

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Joe Reed abhorred guns and violence, despite - or possibly because of - his father’s career in the military. At least he did, until a spirit moved into his body, granted him powerful destructive magic, and began urging him to use it. Now he’s a little conflicted.

Joe is a Korean-American pre-med student in a world inhabited by spirits. His dream of becoming a doctor is shattered when he is possessed by one such spirit, the wrathful Sovereignty, who fills him with chaotic Destruction magic that can only be used for violence. But his reluctance to use the magic he is now stuck with leaves him without purpose. So when his mother’s estranged Korean family contacts them for the first time in over two decades to ask for Joe’s help, Joe flies to Korea in the hopes of finding a way to use his powers to help others. When he arrives, he struggles to suppress the animosity he feels towards the family who rejected his mother while investigating increasingly dangerous attacks by a mysterious trickster spirit. With the guidance of Sovereignty, Joe must navigate his mother’s culture and its mythology of dangerous, cunning creatures to protect his family and, possibly, reconnect with them.

I am currently seeking publication for Hostbound, and so the first three chapters are available here.

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Light Bound

Callum Davis is a monster hunter. Well, more accurately, his partner Amelia is a monster hunter; Callum just runs support. He’s a photomancer—a mage who controls light—and his magical abilities are about as useful as a bright flashlight. But when a monster surge near the Denver Free City leads to the kidnapping of a powerful animal mage and Amelia is put out of commission, Callum is the one stuck mounting a rescue. The deeper he gets pulled into the mystery of the kidnapping, the more he uncovers a dangerous conspiracy threatening the entire city. As the worst monster surge in decades continues to rise, Callum must learn to embrace all of his abilities, even the ones he sees as useless, to stop the kidnappers and save the mage. If he can’t, it’s not only his job at risk, but his life—and the lives of everyone in the Denver Free City.

I am currently seeking publication for Light Bound, and so only the first two chapters are available on this website.

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Short Stories

Coming Soon!

A collection of short works and other smaller writing projects.

Dark Ocean
Home: Latest Work

What am I working on now?

Right now, I'm working on a third book in the Hostbound universe. It will continue to follow Callum Davis, a photomancer who works as a mercenary in the Denver Free City. Terrorized by lethal nightmares, Callum must search the city for a killer who murders his victims through their dreams. More to come!

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